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Beach BoyMike Roberts | Beach Boy | Silkscreen Print

Cartoons are only a part of it. I’ve been miketoons for over 20 years, my online presence reflecting the core of my professional freelance years as a cartoon illustrator for advertising, print and publishing.

New-found freedom from the chore of keeping clients happy means my art can be more free-ranging and I also have more quality time to spend with my camera.

Anyway, don’t spend too much time on this page, nip over to the blog page. Or look at the new galleries: Painting & Drawing, Printmaking and one dedicated to my little friend Roger Frames. 

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And There’s More. I’ve created a blog for all my scribbly, doodly and sketchy stuff over at doodlejam. Please do have a look. It’s rather fun.

Thanks for calling in.

Mike Roberts

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