miketoons goes WordPress


December 30, 2010 – from today miketoons.com is running on WordPress power!

miketoons has been around on the web in one form or another since 1995. The word was coined at a moment’s notice when I was asked by a guy at the ISP (Altas Internet) what I would like my website space to be called. Back in 1995 it was like that. All very personal.

I blurted out “miketoons” and so started my first website.
miketoons.com followed in 1997.

miketoons sketchy homepage 1995

This was the image on the homepage of miketoons in its first incarnation. Doodly doodles* on a spiral bound secretarial notepad, montaged in Photoshop. I still like the lettering but I’m not sure now about the fake coffee cup stain.

*My best doodles are done while talking on the phone.

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