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Ipernity Photo Tiles

Over many years I added landscape and wildlife photos to Flickr. I liked its simple interface and especially appreciated the comments from other photographer contacts there. After its acquisition by Yahoo, glossy changes were made to tailor it more to the mobile/cell-phone user with seamless walls of images.

A French team of website builders launched Ipernity which was like the Flickr of old. Very simple. No flashy stuff. It let each photo have space to itself so that you could appreciate it undistracted. Sadly I haven’t yet found the same active community of photographers there but maybe that’s down to me to try a bit harder.

With this in mind, I’ve spent two days uploading a shedload of photos to Ipernity! Over 130 photos spanning approximately 10 months or so.

You’re very welcome to take a look.

The Netherlands
East Sussex
Faversham: creeks and marshes