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Photography, Wildlife

Wood pigeon in the rain

Since 2002, illustration has slept soundly in the back seat of my beat-up creative jalopy. A corner was turned when I was offered a job as a graphic designer for the local Wildlife Trust. This souped-up my Quark and Photoshop skills very nicely but gradually the confidence in my drawing skills declined.

Six years later I still haven’t got my confidence back to where it was before the turn of the millennium. I spend my days wiggling a mouse around a mouse mat, staring at a monitor, shunting type and images around a digital pasteboard. This needs remedial action and I’ve promised myself to WD-40 my sketching hand and grind off that rust.

However, since last November (2007), after buying a second-hand DSLR camera, I’ve found a creative outlet in wildlife and landscape photography. It reinforces my interest in those subjects – which had been nurtured through my work for the Wildlife Trust – and gives me the opportunity to do things solely for myself.

After many years of working to a brief, to a deadline, keeping clients happy… it is hard to work creatively for no-one but me. The buzz I’m getting now from my photography is training me to think differently and I want to be able to take this across to my drawing and painting.

I’m posting the best of the photos on Flickr but will post some on this blog if I feel the need to write about the capturing of them.

For now, here’s a very drippy wood pigeon. It was lifting its wing in the heavy rain as it sat forlornly on the front fence. It may have been thinking that a shower was just as good as taking a bath, but I like to think it was just pee’d off with the rain and was using the wing in lieu of a folded copy of The Guardian.