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London: 15th February. This doorway and its funny neon sign turned out to be one of the unexpected highlights of the day. The shop is in Old Compton Street, almost opposite the Algerian Coffee Stores*, where I’d just bought Brazilian Bourbon and Blue Sumatra coffee beans.

It’s the sort of shot that I wouldn’t have taken a few months ago but I’m feeling more playful and more confident in my visual ‘jottings’ now. I’m sharpening up the way I look at everything. [Despite this photo having camera-shake blur!]

Earlier in the day I’d fought through the half-term hoards of kids with their attendant mums, dads and pushchairs at the Natural History Museum. They were there for the dinosaurs. I was there for the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition. 

A magnificent collection of beautiful and thought-provoking images, some of them by very young kids too! It must be nice for a 10 year old to be able to say “I got a new DSLR for Christmas so I borrowed my uncle’s 400mm lens and managed to capture this image of a rare…”

The exhibition is on until 27 April 2008. Recommended.

Algerian Coffee Stores: The very best place IMHO to buy fresh coffee beans. Beats any other place I’ve ever tried.

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