Old Cricket Pitch, Le Marchant: Scots Pines (1989)

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Old Cricket Pitch, Le Marchant: Scots Pines (1989)

Historical document.

When we first moved to our newly-built house in Devizes back in the late 80s, this was the view we had across the old cricket pitch at Le Marchant barracks.

No Crest development (Kingfisher Drive). No marina. No adventure playground. No Great Mills (Focus) DIY store and definitely no Lidl.

Just an overgrown abandoned cricket pitch complete with derelict pavilion and these magnificent Scots Pines. My intention was to photograph them forever, in all sorts of light and all sorts of weather.

Sadly they were snapped in half by the gales of January 1990. The same gales also flattened the double pair of conifers in the middle distance.

Montage of photos from same position.
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