Roberts Law & Lamoon at Creek Creative

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In the Better-Late-Than-Never-Department, a mention of the exhibition at Creek Creative in Faversham, on show from 3rd January until 20th January 2019 (if not longer).

Featuring three Faversham-based creative artists Mike Roberts, Alex Law and Robert Lamoon it has offered the opportunity for me to show some recent paintings, digital art and etchings. And to offer a peep at my previous life as a cartoonist.

Mike Roberts, Alex Law and Robert Lamoon
Alex Law: [left to right] Anonymous Data Set – Footprints and Pylon Landscape
Robert Lamoon: [left to right] Stepped Tank – Royal Enclosure, Pushkarina – Krishna Temple – Hampi and Shiva Temple – Hemakuta Hill – Hampi
Mike Roberts: Four watercolour paintings
Mike Roberts: Digital art
Mike Roberts: We Ran the World [1989] Writer: Andy Oldfield
Mike Roberts: Untitled (Man with Check Shirt) with its creator